thai restaurant in virginia


One of the best Thai restaurants in VA is Thai Pilin, which is located right off the Greensboro metro stop in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Located in a strip mall next to Starbucks and Panera, this restaurant serves authentic Thai food at a decent price. Whether you want to go by car or metro, the location is very convenient with spacious parking, and it is literally across the street from the Silver Line metro stop.

Although the interior of the restaurant is relatively small and close quarters, this place knows how to pack flavor into its food. In particular, Thai Pilin makes the best drunken noodles (Kee Mao) in the area. It has the perfect balance of spice and flavor that makes this dish a special and unique experience. It is served with hot garlic basil sauce, green beans, tomatoes, basil pieces, and fresh hot peppers. It also comes with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or seafood. Another favorite is the basil fried rice. If you have an appetite for spicy food, this really hits the spot and includes basil, string beans, tomatoes, and fresh hot peppers. With the rice you also get your protein choice of chicken, beef, pork, or seafood.

We also recommend Thai Pilin’s “3 flavored chicken,” which is an excellent dish. It consists of battered fried chicken sautéed in their house sweet, tangy and spicy sauce. This restaurant also has tasty soups such as the Tom Khai Gai, which is creamy and flavorful. To top it off, we really enjoy the Thai iced tea and iced coffee. It is a perfect complement for some of the spicier dishes and makes the meal that much more enjoyable.

With regards to the environment, this restaurant is not an upscale restaurant and a place you want to come for a fancy dining experience. It more resembles a genuine Thai restaurant you could find in urban Thailand and is a place you come to enjoy the authentic food and an intimate setting. It is best to come during nonpeak hours, as the place can become very crowded and the space is limited. However, the service is efficient and the food is served quickly.