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Manhattan Cafe is a Rosslyn deli restaurant that has some of the best sandwiches in Arlington, VA. Conveniently within walking distance between the Rosslyn metro and the US Marine Corps War Memorial, Manhattan Cafe is located at the front entrance of the Park Place building.

Compared to other lunch time establishments in Arlington VA, Manhattan Cafe has very good prices and offers a great value for the quality of food. If you want a hot sandwich, this is the perfect place, as they serve up your order on a short-order grill, customized the way you want it. Our favorite hot sandwiches include the Reuben sandwich, Steak and Cheese sub, and Chicken Cheesesteak. They also have a wide variety of cold sandwiches that you can customize for the perfect sandwich.

Not only does Manhattan Cafe serve sandwiches, it also has a hot and cold buffet bar with fresh fruit, salads, soups, and a wide variety of buffet items that has something for everyone. We consider this the ideal lunch time spot, and the buffet also serves an assortment of breakfast food in the morning. Unfortunately, this place is not open in the evenings or on the weekend, with the exception of the annual Marine Corps Marathon.

The interior of the of restaurant has a good amount of seating so it isn’t hard to find a seat, and on good weather days, you can take your food to a table outside and enjoy the weather. This Arlington cafe is also located right next to Dark Star Park, an urban art creation, so you can enjoy your meal while taking in the sights. For tourists looking for a nearby restaurant in Arlington, Manhattan Café is also conveniently located close to popular tourist attractions, including the US Marine Corps War Memorial and Arlington National Cemetary.


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