middle eastern restaurant in maryland


One of the best middle eastern restaurants in Maryland is located within walking distance of the Bethesda metro. Lebanese Taverna, in downtown Bethesda, MD, offers authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in a small dish format that somehow makes food more appetizing. This particular area is prime real estate in the DC metro area with a myriad of quality shopping and dining options, so you can enjoy a nice meal and stroll the area for fun. The only downside is the hassle of parking in downtown Bethesda, which is not a problem if you can take the metro and avoid the traffic and parking problems.

The specialty at Lebanese Taverna is their gluten-free hummus, which is offered in flavors of traditional, spicy and garlic. The spicy and garlic hummus with fresh out of the oven pita bread is an excellent appetizer, as they combine great flavors with the rich and smooth taste of the traditional hummus. Other tasty appetizers include the lamb tartare, served with bulgur, onions and mint; and the calamari, which is breaded and fried for good flavor, served with spicy marinara sauce and fried lemons.

Some of the recommended entrée options at Lebanese Taverna include the shawarma platters, which come in the chicken, beef and lamb varieties. The chicken shawarma is marinated, roasted, and served with a delicious garlic sauce. The chicken shawarma has a very nice consistency, and combined with the garlic sauce and rice, makes for a very good meal. The kabobs are also recommended, which come with either chicken, lamb or beef. The lamb kabob is very tender and juicy, and makes for a nice change of pace from the more traditional chicken and beef.

For vegans, there are several vegetable and salad options that allow you to eat a diverse and healthy meal. The tabouleh salad is a popular dish that comes with parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, onions, mint and lemon dressing. The baba ghanoush is another vegan option that is gluten-free and consists of pureed eggplant, tahini, garlic, lemon and pomegranates. There are also many tasty side dishes such as the roasted olives, which come with jalapeno peppers and provide balance to the palate. And of course, no meal at this place can be complete without a delicious side of rice, which they offer in the forms of Lebanese rice and spiced rice.