dc sushi restaurant


An exquisite Japanese restaurant in DC, Sushi Capitol is operated and owned by a former sushi master of the Mandarin Oriental hotels. Located just a few blocks from the Capitol South Metro in downtown DC and within walking distance of the United States Capitol, it is very convenient to get to by metro. If traveling by car, parking can be an issue if the street parking is overcrowded, so traveling by metro during busy times is your best bet.

Sushi Capitol is known to make some of the best nigiri sushi in the area. The chef prepares the right balance of soft warm rice with fresh fish, which is then brushed with the restaurant’s special sauce to give it the taste of a perfect food that you could eat everyday. The salmon and fatty tuna are remarkable for their soft and rich texture and consistency. Overall, the quality of fish at Sushi Capitol is superb, as it is very fresh, rich and tender, as opposed to the frozen residue you might get at other establishments. You can tell that this restaurant prides itself on selecting the best cuts of fish available.

The prized offering of Sushi Capitol is the Omakase, which is the chef’s choice of sushi, sashimi and rolls from the day’s fresh selections. Compared to similar offerings from other Japanese restaurants, this is an excellent value. You get the opportunity to taste and experiment with a variety of different offerings based on the expert recommendations of the chef. After tasting the Omakase, you get the feeling that you are experiencing the work of a master sushi artist.

The overall menu is very succinct, offering only the essentials without too many extra options. This may not be appealing to those that enjoy customizing specific combinations or having a variety of exotic offerings. Besides the Omakase, entrée options consist mainly of different tiers of either assorted sushi or assorted sashimi. There is also a chirashi option, which is assorted slices of fish on a bed of sushi rice. We recommend the chirashi for those that want a basic meal with the opportunity to taste the fresh and high quality fish of Sushi Capitol.

One drawback to this location is the limited amount of seating. During peak times, it is almost necessary to place a reservation for the time slot that you wish to arrive. Walk-ins are not recommended during these busy periods because you may have to wait for a long time without any guarantee that you will actually receive a table. Despite this, the overall location is very good as it is in the middle of downtown DC and one of the most popular tourist areas in the country, so you can enjoy one of the best sushi joints in the DC metro area while you do some sightseeing.