italian food washington dc


A great Italian restaurant in DC, located in Georgetown, Filomena is one of those authentic Italian places that makes you feel like you’re actually eating in Italy. They exhibit the authentic Italian style from the food all the way down to the décor. Everything is old school and feels vintage Italian family style.

The service at the restaurant is very good, and they really know how to start off a meal with fresh seasoned bread and olive oil that can be an appetizer in itself.  For an actual appetizer, the calamari marinara is always a winner. Somehow they make the calamari both crispy and tender at the same time, which is perfect when mixed with the flavorful marinara sauce.

The pastas are handmade and you can really taste the difference from other establishments. When walking into the restaurant, you can literally see an Italian grandmother preparing your meal. (It doesn’t get more authentic than that.) The linguini cardinale with lobster is great, as it comes with an amazing creamy and thick lobster sauce that’s unlike anything we’ve tasted before. This is a must-have entrée if you are a fan of seafood and pasta. The ravioli comes with meatballs that are handmade and delicious cheese that melts in your mouth.

We also definitely recommend the chicken alfredo, which is perfectly cooked with a very creamy and rich alfredo sauce. Other recommended classics include the chicken parmesan and veal, which are cooked to a soft and buttery flavor. You should also check out the dessert menu when finishing off your meal (if you’re not too full by this point), as this place makes homemade desserts with the same superb quality as the rest of the menu. Some of the dessert selections include tiramisu, chocolate mousse, cookies and cream mousse, cheesecake and strawberry shortcake.

This place really knows how to make Italian food and brings you a true Italian experience. Although the menu can be a little pricey compared to other places, the portions for a single meal can be enough for two people, so make sure to bring a heavy duty appetite and be ready to eat when you come here!