frozen yogurt in virginia


Whenever we get a craving for some dessert, we get great frozen yogurt in Virginia. Not only is it a healthier alternative to other dessert choices, froyo is absolutely delicious! One of the best spots in the DC metro area is the Sweet Frog in Falls Church, VA. Located in the Baileys Crossroads shopping center next to AT&T and facing popular shopping stops such as Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Marshalls, this frozen yogurt spot is very conveniently located. It is also across the street from Best Buy and Panera, so you can get your shopping done while enjoying a great dessert.

The great thing about this Falls Church frozen yogurt shop is that you get to customize your own froyo creations. With 14 different flavors and tons of different toppings, ranging from fruits to sweets, there is something for everybody. You don’t have to ask somebody else to put together your perfect combination of flavors and toppings, you can do it exactly the way that you like! We recommend the classic original tart and mango. These two flavors are amazing and like no other dessert that we’ve tasted before.

frozen yogurt in va

One great thing about this place is that after you buy 9 cups of yogurt, the 10th one is on the house. There’s nothing like enjoying a free cup of Sweet Frog with friends and family. This Bailey’s Crossroads location also hosts group events and fundraisers, which is nice for schools and community events.

Finally, to top it off, Sweet Frog frozen yogurt is low in fat, is a good source of calcium, and contains probiotics which are good for the immune system and digestion. Many of the flavors are also made with natural, real ingredients. The strawberry flavor is made from real strawberries, the cappuccino flavor contains real coffee, and several of the flavors are made from natural milk. And if you’re looking for no sugar added options, this Falls Church froyo location offers a vanilla flavor with no sugar added. So for those looking for a delicious dessert that also offers health benefits, there is no better choice than Sweet Frog.

falls church frozen yogurt