burgers andn fries in dc


If you’re hankering for some amazing burgers and fries in DC, head on over to the Chinatown metro station and next to the Verizon Center, where you’ll find Fuddruckers in DC, which has some of the juiciest and most tender burgers in the area, served with buttery, delicious scratch-baked buns. Apparently, one of the reasons their burger buns are so good is that they are baked fresh on a daily basis. When you place your order, you get your choice of 1/3 lb., 2/3 lb., and 1 lb. patties grilled to your preference with topping options of bacon, cheese, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and guacamole. After picking up your order from a special window, you can top off your burger at the toppings bar and customize it exactly the way you want. (Pickles are recommended.)

One of the great options this burger joint offers is its exotics burgers. They offer lean cuts of Buffalo (Bison), Elk and Wild Boar. These burgers are free-range, natural, antibiotic and hormone-free game burgers. Not only is bison meat lower in fat than beef and lower in cholesterol than chicken, it tastes great. As a matter of fact, a recent study in a nutrition publication found that replacing beef with bison results in less clogged arteries and risk of heart disease. Although these exotic burgers are pricier than standard beef, it’s nice to have these excellent options.

Fuddrucker fries are standard wedge-cut fries with your choice of chili and cheese toppings. They also offer onion rings. There is nothing that really stands out about the fries or sides, but you don’t come to a place dubbed “World’s Greatest Hamburger” for the fries. And of course, every premium burger joint must offer shakes. The shakes are good overall, coming in standard flavors. Additionally, Fuddruckers also has a bakery that offers fresh baked cookies, brownies and pies. We must say, the bakery is a nice touch, and it’s appealing to have these dessert options after enjoying a hearty meal.

Overall, the restaurant has a homey, casual and comfortable environment to enjoy your food. It doesn’t have the trendiest atmosphere compared to some of these newer premium burger joints, but combined with their great burgers and bakery, it has a unique ambiance that is conducive to relaxing and tending to your appetite. The location in Chinatown, DC is also great. You can take in all the sights of downtown DC, catch a ball game, or just come for the food.